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High Voltage Ceramic Non-Inductive Resistors

We offer ceramic composition resistors in multiple construction types. These ceramic-based resistors can range from, 1/2 watt to a 1000 watts in a single component, and are compatible with a wide array of end products, including rail charging stations, switchgear, motor controls, defibrillators, accelerators, circuit breakers, high voltage power supplies, etc.

Non-inductive ceramic composition resistors provide several benefits compared to other non-inductive wirewound, film, and composition resistors. This is due to the lack of film or wire that can potentially malfunction. Our ceramic resistors are also chemically inert and thermally stable, assuring all users that this product line is safe and durable.

SPS Series

Tubular Resistors

AA Series

Axial Leaded Resistors

Slab Resistors

Disk & Washer Resistors

Custom Assemblies

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