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High Voltage Thyratrons

The TDI-series of cold-cathode grounded grid thyratrons provides a unique high current, high charge transfer capability with superior time stability and is currently employed for emerging pulsed power applications with peak power up to hundreds of megawatt due to easy assembling in parallel layout.
The TPI-series of cold hollow cathode thyratrons with ceramic/metal envelope, featuring sub-nanosecond jitter, low firing time and jitter. Suitable for switching high power at moderate and high pulse repetition rates in a variety of high peak power applications. Absence of a thermionic cathode facilitates application of the switches in circuits with both electrodes und high or transient voltages.

SPS Series

TDI Series:

• up to 150 kV
• up to 200 kA peak
• up to 41 kJ peak per shot

AA Series

TPI Series:

• up to 100 kV
• up to 10 kA peak
• up to 0.5 A average

TGI Series:

• up to 75 kV
• up to 10 kA peak
• up to 30 A average

Thyratron Driver:

• For TDI Series
• For TPI Series

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