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High Voltage Active Components

By maintaining full control over the design and build of everything we sell, we can offer everything as custom, from the lowest level component, through the full system. Our engineers are involved in every product recommendation we make. When we don’t have a perfect offering, they are already primed and ready to help design something new. We also have all of the necessary testing facilities to aid in the development and design process, ensuring that everything we ship has been tested to meet the requirements it was designed for.

SPS Series

Diodes: UX-Series

• Ultra-Fast Recovery Time
• High Peak Reverse Voltage
• Flammable Classification UL94V-0
• RoHS compliant to Directive 2011/65/EC

AA Series

Surface Mount Diodes: SM Series

• Fast reverse recovery time for high efficiency
• Molded plastic body, ANSI/UL94 V-0 rated    material
• RoHS compliant to Directive 2011/65/EC

Optocoupler: OPCM Series

• Integrated low voltage LED drivers with 10kV   photo detector diode
• Black casing, light tight packaging
• RoHS compliant to Directive 2011/65/EC

Rectifier Assembly: Hi-Bell Series

• High voltage, high current capability
• Large plated brass base-plate heat sink on   cathode side
• Molded encapsulation, ANSI/UL94 V-0 rated   material

Solid State Switch: General Purpose Mosfet

• Very EMC tolerant
• Absolutely noise free in on and off state
• Low control power at high frequency

Solid-State Switch: high di/dt Mosfet

• On-time controllable by TTL signal
• Extremely low impedance
• Excellent dv/dt immunity against HV   transients

Solid State Switch: Pulser Unit

• HV switches in pulser configuration
• No external components required
• All pulsers optimized for system integration
• Laboratory pulsers are always CE certified

Thyratron: TDI Series

• up to 150 kV
• up to 200 kA peak
• up to 41 kJ peak per shot

Spark Gap: three electrode

• no standby power consumption
• Compact and robust design
• Lifetime over 107 shots
• Operating Temperature -60 to +300°C

Reed Relays

• Normally Open
• Normally Closed

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